“Strange Tales From The Doc” #26 And you think I’M stupid? I’ll show who is really Stupid(s)…

“Strange Tales From The Doc” #26
And you think I’M stupid? I’ll show who is really Stupid(s)…

It was 1985 or 1986 when my buddy Brian and I were living in a condo in Upland. I was full on “addicted” to buying records at that time. Every extra penny I had was spent on buying vinyl at the local record stores throughout California; Toxic Shock, Rhino, Zed, Vinyl Fetish and more. I was also buying and trading with people in the U.K. You know, “I’ll buy this for you, if you buy that for me”. One person in particular that I traded lots of vinyl with was Tommy Stupid from the U.K. hardcore band The Stupids. (he was the singer and drummer). I bought their debut 7”ep., “Violent Nun” and I saw something in the thank you’s: “Get in touch if you are into trading” [or something like that]. So I did. At first you don’t really know if you can trust the person. You could easily send out a box of records and get NOTHING in return. But that was not the case with Tommy Stupid. Up front and honest from the beginning. He was after things that were difficult to get in the U.K. like; Speptic Death, Minor Threat 7”s etc… while I was after things like The Dickies, Newtown Neurotics and similar bands that I couldn’t find here in the U.S.

All went well for months or more and I was happy to have received a letter from him one day (remember this is all “pre-computer e-mail age”) that said,” can I stay with you if I come out?” I wrote back and said, “Sure, of course”. So a few months later, on the day he said, I get a phone call from Newport Beach and it’s Tommy asking me to drive out to pick him up. The trip was only about 40 miles or so and the beach is always a great place to go so no problem. I remember pulling up at an Alpha-Beta [out of business grocery store chain] seeing Tommy on a skateboard chewing Dr Pepper gum. He LOVED Dr Pepper! It was all new to him since Dr Pepper hadn’t made it over to the U.K. yet. He couldn’t get enough of that stuff! One mistake I made was in not asking him, “So how long do you plan on staying”. He really didn’t have any plans on that, or a job, so it got a little troublesome after a couple weeks [maybe longer?] of him sleeping on the couch. I was able to persuade the guys at Toxic Shock Records; Bill Tuck [Pillsbury Hardcore] and owner Bill that Tommy would be a great person to hire. Nope, I was wrong! Turned out Tommy was caught stealing boxes of records from Toxic Shock. I still feel bad for it!

Years later I ran into Tommy at Spanky’s Café in Riverside, Ca.. He was drumming for the short lived band “That’s It” which featured Shawn Stern of Youth Brigade on vocals. I’ll never forget, he was wearing a Madonna t-shirt (yes, as a joke) when I saw him. It was nice to see him. I’ve since lost touch with him but I do know The Stupids are back together and still putting out great Hardcore music, in the vein of early 80’s. Oh, I forget to mention it was a huge thrill to have bought their debut lp “Peruvian Vacation” in 1986 and while reading the thank you’s I saw a, “Thank You to Bill Plaster for all the great packages”. Great band and good memories! Here are a few Stupids items we have right now. If you like: Minor Threat, Necros, etc… check ‘em out:

*pictured is Tommy on my couch and I had an unused of picture of myself (black spiked hair) and my buddy Queve with Brian in the background [red white] taken “around” the same time at Brian’s house (before we lived together that is).

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