At Dr Strange Records it’s always “All You Can Eat”. So get your fill chumps……

At Dr Strange Records it’s always “All You Can Eat”. So get your fill chumps. More sustaining vinyl just in;

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I just got back from riding my bike to our local Mexican restaurant/hole in the wall…..(Doc’s Diary)

I just got back from riding my bike to our local Mexican restaurant/hole in the wall. I pulled up to the restaurant, put my shirt and pants back on [I ride in the nude so what] and locked my bike up. Upon reaching for the front door with my well sculpted tan arm I see a “B” rating! [For those of you in other states or countries that don’t care about health we, in California, have a Health Food inspection rating system]. 

At first I thought to myself “Hmm…this isn’t good. Maybe I should go elsewhere”. But then I started thinking. This is EXACTLY where I want to eat! Why? Because now is the time this restaurant is going to “kick up their game” you know? Be really careful, clean and serve the best food they ever have. Besides that there was no line because others chickened out when they read the “B” rating [pussies. Where your sense of adventure?]. So I have this whole place to myself and great food.

And besides people, since when is a “B” bad? I mean I would have killed to get B’s in school. It’s still above average and only one grade from perfect. THIS is exactly what is wrong with our society. The need for perfection. When it comes right down to it, who really cares? Good enough is good enough. From now on I’m going to brush my teeth to the best of my ability, wipe my butt until I get bored and let the rain wash my car. Click here from more “below average “restaurant near YOU;

Carne asada
Carne asada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“Strange Tales From The Doc” #6 Read about The Doc’s FIRST Punk Rock gig with The Dickies

Read about The Doc’s FIRST Punk Rock gig….

Doc’s first gig…
It was The Dickies with maybe the Pandoras? Not sure on that one… I was 17 years old and had just gotten my driver’s license. The gig was at the world famous Whiskey in Hollywood. My oldest friend at the time; Glen and I were listening to bands like Devo, Blondie, Oingo Boingo and the like but The Dickies had always been one our favorites. I was excited and nervous to go to a real “punk rock” gig. I remember being a little scared about going. Were we going to get asses kicked? Would we “fit it”? I borrowed Glen’s trench coat and decided to take the chance. Remember guys back in the “old days” going to a Punk Rock gig could be a little “risky”. If you were found or thought to be a “Posseur” or were a hippy you were NOT treated kindly. You’d get beaten up or get your head shaved!

We took my car; The Red Scare [which I still have and use today] on the 40 miles trip from our city of Upland to Hollywood. I remember driving up to The Whiskey and seeing a line formed with people sporting mohawks, leather jackets and hard stares. The first thing I recall upon entering The Whiskey was a cocktail waitress walking up to us and asking “would you like a drink”? Glen was mormon and I didn’t like to drink alone!

Back then The Whiskey had a set of bleachers (like at a high school football game) off to the left of the stage. They also had an upstairs. Glen and I had heard about punks with barbed-wire wrapped around their boots to slice you while slammin’ and others that would sneak up to you and burn you with their cigarette (aka a “Germs Burn”). Neither of those sounded like fun to us so we made a beeline upstairs where we could overlook the entire stage. When The Dickies took the stage the air was electric. This is the original line-up. Leonard played his keyboards [hasn’t done that in years] and brought out all the props. They were fucking great! Blew my mind 100% We survive our first gig and were both hooked. The next month, once again at the Whiskey, was Social Distortion and Bad Religion. Another great gig [until Greg Graffin hit someone with the mic-stand just for getting on stage]. What a douche!

Oh, this picture was actually taken at Fenders in Long Beach a couple years later by the way….

*Want more info on this story? e-mail me directly at or if you want music, shirts, buttons etc… from this band or others, visit the world’s largest 
PUNK ROCK site at

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Here’s some Punk rare 7″ records that just arrived to make your Monday a little-less sucky (new arrivals)

Here’s some rare 7″s that just arrived to make your 

English: Rage Against The Machine End of set, ...
Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against the Machine– Bullet In The Head (Rare, original from 1993) ,

Rhino Charge/Protestant–  Split white wax, cloth sleeve (Very limited cloth sleeve on white/grey colored wax, with insert)
Slam– Welcome Home (Very Rare, German import from ’85, on their own label!) 

The Special A.K.A.
Cover of The Special A.K.A.
Special AKA-  Nelson Madella/Break Down the Door! (Rare, original from 1984, nice shape) 

Dead Kennedys
Cover of Dead Kennedys
Dead KennedysCalifornia Uber Alles  (Very Rare! orig press from 1979, nice shape) 

Captain Sensible
Cover of Captain Sensible
Captain Sensible (Damned)– This is Your Captain Speaking (gatefold, Crass Records orig from ’81, nice shape)  
Conflict– The House That Man Built (original press w/ poster sleeve, from ’82, great shape!)

System– The Warfare ep (Extremely Rare! great record, orig on Spiderleg, their first 7 ,

Angelic Upstarts
Cover of Angelic Upstarts
Angelic Upstarts– Kids On The Street/The Sun Never Shines  (Very Rare, original from 1981)

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Beaver “s/t” LP Reissue: Album Review via Freedom of Expression Blog (Frank Foe)

Beaver “s/t” LP Dr. Strange KBD Reissue
“s/t” LP
Dr. Strange Records
ReleaseD: September 20, 2013

Tom Lyle (aka Tom Cleaver in Beaver) eventually ended up in Government Issue. Beaver, originally recorded these tracks for the now “Killed By Death”, DC HardCore 7” that had an original press of 300.

I love this passage from

Beaver started out as a solo project of Tom Lyle’s. Then it became a real band, albeit short lived. Here’s a brief story Tom shared with me.
I was in a DC progressive/new waver band, but became VERY bored with the whole scene. After seeing the Dead Kennedys in April 81 at the 9:30, and then the Government Issue/Youth Brigade/Minor Threat show in June 81 at the 9:30 I started making home demo tapes of me playing all the instruments in the most hardcore style I could come up with. I wanted to get a band together to play out live and used they rhythm section from Square One, the awful band I was in at the time. Then we got asked to record a record for Choice Cuts.

That’s how it was. Hear a band, see a band, change your life… just like that.
Dr. Strange has reissued this on LP, (400 on black vinyl, 100 on white vinyl) and added some demo tracks, also recorded in 1981.

This is rudimentary hardcore, typical for the early 1980s. Tom Lyle eventually ended being an inspiration for me on guitar. I love his guitar style on all of the Government Issue material. I own a Marshall because of him. This is the roots, the developmental stage. Having been involved in hardcore during this time period, I have a certain affinity for all of this material.

Considering the early stage of hardcore, how fast this genre evolved, the lack of technology available for recording, Beaver, and all of their contemporaries were a part of something huge.

This is mandatory if you love hardcore.

Frank FOE

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I’m not one to “blow my own horn” (I wish I were that limber) but god damn it! We fuckin’ rule! (New Arrivals)

I’m not one to “blow my own horn” 
(I wish I were that limber) but god damn it! We fuckin’ rule! 

Once again tons of amazing vinyl, 
cd’s and t-shirts came in today…….

Peter Tosh– Legalize It (Virgin Vinyl, sealed, UK import reissue on virgin vinyl for GREAT sound!) , 

The Misfits- Earth AD (Repress)

The Clash– London Calling (2x LP Repress)

Dead Boys– Young Loud and Snotty (colored wax) (Very ltd repress on colored wax, sealed) 

Steel Pulse– True Democracy

Ramones- Leave Home (colored wax) (sealed repress on limited colored wax) 

Sado Nation- Disruptive Pattern (Netherlands) (Great collection! 1981 unreleased material, 1982-1983 cassette tracks and more. Limited Holland pressing, sealed)

Neighborhood Brats- No Sun, No Tan (Netherlands) (Euro import from The Netherlands

Joy Division– Unknown Pleasures (sealed, remastered, 180 gram vinyl)

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Four crates of extremely rare Punk Lps just arrived, including stuff from Los Crudos, Anti, and the Locust…..

Four crates of extremely rare Punk Lps just arrived, including stuff from Los Crudos, Anti, and the Locust, more on that later, we also just got a whole bunch of new multi-colored punk and metal shirts, bobbleheads, and punk rock baby shirts, so get off your lazy gl(ASS) and get over here, the Doctor will see you now….

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Dr. Strange News: Hey Ho! Have a look ‘cause there’s a TON of RARE Vinyl plus very limited Bobbleheads, new [toddler] t-shirts, black metal/metal gauntlets, books and a LOT more!

Hey Ho! Have a look ‘cause there’s a TON of RARE Vinyl plus very limited Bobbleheads, new [toddler]
t-shirts, black metal/metal gauntlets, books and a LOT more! Click here to see all the new arrivals;

New Bobbleheads in; Descendents, Devo, GG Allin and more. All are limited, hand numbered and will sell FAST. Hurry up!

New Metal Gauntlets just added;
Toddler shirts! 12 month sizes. More to come:

“Strange Tales From the Doc”
Check out a new blog from yours truly. Each week I’ll post old photo’s and stories of myself growing up during the early 80’s in THE Punk Rock capitol of the world; Southern California!

Here’s one with D.I.:

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Please e-mail me at: and if you can pass out fliers please include your address.

See a bunch of stuff you want but don’t have the cash? Leather Jacket, Bondage Belt, Rare Records etc? Then e-mail me a list of vinyl or cd’s you have and I’ll make you an offer in cash or credit. What do you have to lose? (but your very soul….). 

Store address AND mailing address:

Dr. Strange Records
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Open every day from 11 to 7:00 p.m.! (Pacific Time)
Dr Strange Records; Coming up with stupid slogans for 25 YEARS!!!!
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Hey friends (Yes I mean YOU)…Here’s a picture [thanks Chachi] of one of my personal favorites. Do YOU know who this guy is?

Hey friends (Yes I mean YOU)…Here’s a picture [thanks Chachi] of one of my personal favorites. Do YOU know who this guy is? Are you “that” old? Send me the correct answer and I’ll send you something “special”. For all you others, check out what came in:

The Doctor will be seeing patience all day today. No appointment necessary! Los Crudos, new t-shirts and more also came in today…
Stop by!!

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Dr. Strange Records Visitor’s Stories: By John Roa from Justice League Dr. Strange records PICS!!! (6-24-10)

I have a visitor from London staying with me and we went into the 909 area for record shopping and then to John Joseph’s book deal. Here are the pics for those of you who declare that without pics “it did not happen.”

A car near Dr. Strange Records calling for all foreigners to get out of California….one has to love suburbia.

Me and the owner of Dr. Strange, Bill. He is a heck of a nice guy and I have known him since I was 16 or so. 7136 Amethyst Ave, Alta Loma, CA 91701, USA;

Phone: (909) 944-1778

Ben Edge and my visiting friend Bod from England looking at seven inches for four hours!

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