Check Out These Smokin’ Hot Punk 7″s That Just Arrived…

Check out these smokin’ hot 7″s that just arrived… 999- Found Out Too late/Lie Lie Lie, Nonsense (Voodoo Glowskulls) Leftovers
(on Voodoo Glow Skulls label; Cheap Guy from ’93, w/insert)
The Samples- Dead Heros, UK Subs– Countdown/Plan Of Action
(Rare, excellent release from 1981, autographed by Nicky Garrat!)
Southern Death Cult– Fat Man/Moya (Very rare, Excellent shape! Situation #2 from 1982) Ill ReputeOxnard, Land of No Toilets
(Very Rare!, 1983 pressing, VINYL has WEAR)
Toxic Holokaust/Oprichniki- s/t (Very rare blue wax) Vice Squad- State of The Nation, Vice Squad- Black Sheep/New Blood (excellent release from 1983, Rare)

These and about 500 other Rare Punk and Hardcore Punk just arrived, keep checking the site for updates….

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