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“Strange Tales From The Doc” #4 Government Issue, Dead Milkmen and Uniform Choice at Oscars Cornhusker 85-86

Here’s Today’s “Strange Tales” Post:
Government Issue, Dead Milkmen
and Uniform Choice
at Oscars Cornhusker 85-86

This was an awesome place to see bands play. Why? Because it was about 10 minutes from my house and all shows were just $6.00 They consistently had top notch bands too. Like; Kraut, The Dickies, Social Distortion, Cockney Rejects, Uniform Choice, Fear, etc… Most of the bands that were going to play at The Olympic would play Oscar’s before or after (but for only 100 people or so).

Government Issue pic by Doc Strange

This night was Government Issue (their 1st West Coast tour) with Uniform Choice and the Dead Milkmen. Uniform Choice’s “Screaming For Change” had just come out [I think?] and they played every song on that lp. When they were done people were yelling and screaming for more so they played a ton of Minor Threat covers! Great show. The headliner was one of my personal fav’s; Government Issue. This is a band that I listed to daily while going through high school. 

I was 17 years old, living on my own and trying to stay in school. G.I. [and others] were my motivation to do just that. Anyway, back to the gig…… They were amazing! All the hits were played and they sounded as great as I hoped…Check the photo here and see if you can see a young Roa of Justice League as well as Ryan from Chain of Strength was there if I remember correctly? Notice how I didn’t mention The Dead Milkmen? Yeah, that’s on purpose. Yawn!
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