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New review just posted of The Bedlam Knives latest 7″ “Here Comes Trouble” on Dr. Strange Records by Frank FOE, check it out…..

New review just posted of The Bedlam Knives latest 7″ “Here Comes Trouble” on Dr. Strange Records by Frank FOE, check it out…..

Excerpt From FOE Blog…..

“You might know Doug, the vocalist of Bedlam Knives, from his previous vocal duties in Schleprock and The Generators.  In April of 2012 Doug Kane and Mike Snow (who was also in The Generators) teamed up with drummer Mike Clark, bassist Chalon Kashey and guitarist Chris Loya (The Toughskins) to form Bedlam Knives.”

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Beaver “s/t” LP Reissue: Album Review via Freedom of Expression Blog (Frank Foe)

Beaver “s/t” LP Dr. Strange KBD Reissue
“s/t” LP
Dr. Strange Records
ReleaseD: September 20, 2013

Tom Lyle (aka Tom Cleaver in Beaver) eventually ended up in Government Issue. Beaver, originally recorded these tracks for the now “Killed By Death”, DC HardCore 7” that had an original press of 300.

I love this passage from

Beaver started out as a solo project of Tom Lyle’s. Then it became a real band, albeit short lived. Here’s a brief story Tom shared with me.
I was in a DC progressive/new waver band, but became VERY bored with the whole scene. After seeing the Dead Kennedys in April 81 at the 9:30, and then the Government Issue/Youth Brigade/Minor Threat show in June 81 at the 9:30 I started making home demo tapes of me playing all the instruments in the most hardcore style I could come up with. I wanted to get a band together to play out live and used they rhythm section from Square One, the awful band I was in at the time. Then we got asked to record a record for Choice Cuts.

That’s how it was. Hear a band, see a band, change your life… just like that.
Dr. Strange has reissued this on LP, (400 on black vinyl, 100 on white vinyl) and added some demo tracks, also recorded in 1981.

This is rudimentary hardcore, typical for the early 1980s. Tom Lyle eventually ended being an inspiration for me on guitar. I love his guitar style on all of the Government Issue material. I own a Marshall because of him. This is the roots, the developmental stage. Having been involved in hardcore during this time period, I have a certain affinity for all of this material.

Considering the early stage of hardcore, how fast this genre evolved, the lack of technology available for recording, Beaver, and all of their contemporaries were a part of something huge.

This is mandatory if you love hardcore.

Frank FOE

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