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New Punk Book Out: “Poems About Love and Punk Rock” by Joe McNally from Voodoo Glow Skulls/The Penetrators

“Poems About Love and Punk Rock
by Joe McNally
“Poems About Love and Punk Rock” By Joe McNally
“Poems About Love and Punk Rock” is a collection of short stories written over a period of several years. The stories are centered around the 90’s punk scene and the zaniness of the touring life- but mainly deal with issues like love, and friendship- hope and redemption. All short stories were performed at open mics and poetry readings as spoken-word performance pieces. They were designed to be read aloud and read in a way that a simple, smart and honest man would tell a story to a friend.
Brutally honest at times, whimsical and even sentimental at others, all stories crackle off the page and paint vivid images into the mind of the reader. Not all of these images are pretty. There’s tales of suicide, drug addiction, street fights and broken hearts- standard punk rock fare. But the way the stories are told is pretty. They are all painted with a sympathetic tone towards the good side of life- the positive side of life. The poems are small stories in themselves, and each one carries its own message of hope, or pain, or joy. This book is designed to be read in bits and pieces- simple, exciting stories told verbally over the years countless times- and now finally cemented into one format.

Punk Author Joe McNally
Joe McNally is a native of Riverside, California. When he was 17 he joined The Voodoo Glow Skulls and took off on tour. The band toured extensively in the underground punk scene eventually signed with Epitaph Records. Joe played horn on the five albums recorded for the Epitaph Records. He also played, recorded and toured with variety of punk acts all throughout the 1990’s. Joe earned a BA in Psychology from UCR in 2004 and a Teaching Credential from CSUSB in 2007. Joe has been playing and studying Jazz music exclusively over the last few years. Joe is clean and sober.

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