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Hey dudes an dudettes! Check out these KILLER records we just got-in! Arctic Flowers, Belgrado, Bellicose Minds, Dhk Extinction, Enforcer, Funeral Parade,

Hey dudes an dudettes! We got some killer records in!Funeral Parade demo lp, the Pdx comp featuring Arctic Flowers Moral Hex Bellicose Minds, Funeral Parade, next we got Enforcer Death by fire ( for fans of nwobhm in the vein of priest an maiden but way better…ya I said it) plus Rotten Cadaver- Hijacked Reality lp Pdx hardcore fuzzed out audible assault! Dhk Extinction 7″ this band is killer! An lastly we got in a few more copies of the Belgrado Siglo XXI lp for all you gloomy dancaholics out there. Scrape your self out the gutter and pick these records up before they are gone!

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