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Hey dudes an dudettes! Check out these KILLER records we just got-in! Arctic Flowers, Belgrado, Bellicose Minds, Dhk Extinction, Enforcer, Funeral Parade,

Hey dudes an dudettes! We got some killer records in!Funeral Parade demo lp, the Pdx comp featuring Arctic Flowers Moral Hex Bellicose Minds, Funeral Parade, next we got Enforcer Death by fire ( for fans of nwobhm in the vein of priest an maiden but way better…ya I said it) plus Rotten Cadaver- Hijacked Reality lp Pdx hardcore fuzzed out audible assault! Dhk Extinction 7″ this band is killer! An lastly we got in a few more copies of the Belgrado Siglo XXI lp for all you gloomy dancaholics out there. Scrape your self out the gutter and pick these records up before they are gone!

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Cruise on by if you’re around to check out all the Streetpunk vinyl that arrived…

Cruise on by if you’re around to check out all the Streetpunk vinyl that arrived; The Virus, Casualties, Defiance, plus “classics” like; Adicts, Partisans, Peter & the Test Tube Babies (all originals) plus a few TEST pressings too! #streetpunk

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Oh Mamma! PLEASE trust me on this. Have a look. Tons of RARE, New and restocks in: original: Abused, Cock Sparrer, Circle Jerks, Doom, Broken Bones and SO MUCH MORE! trust me and be QUICK!

Oh Mamma! PLEASE trust me on this. Have a look. Tons of RARE, New and restocks in: original: Abused, Cock Sparrer, Circle Jerks, Doom, Broken Bones and SO MUCH MORE! trust me and be QUICK:

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Can YOU keep a secret?

Can YOU keep a secret? I didn’t think so. Please “share” with your friends!
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Dr. Strange Records Releases: Bedlam Knives Debut 4-Song e.p. DSR-131

Hey Kids! Dr. Strange back again with another great release, and this time around it’s the debut 4-Song e.p from this Southern California Punk band Bedlams Knives featuring Doug Kane (vocals) & Mike Snow (guitarist) of the Generators. Melodic punk rock for fans of; The Clash, Angelic Upstarts and Chron Gen, well played and insightful lyrics make this a must have.


Thanks as always- Doc

Out Next on Dr. Strange Records; 
Narcoleptic Youth full length LP

7136 AMETHYST AVE. ALTA LOMA, CA. 91701 (909)944-1778 


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Gameface Announces First New Music in a Decade

The Return of Gameface

Friends, remember these guys?

Yes. It’s all happening. Gameface is recording a new album. There’s a single coming out soon and full length is due early in 2014. And yes we’ll be hitting the road. I kind of feel like I’ve been given a gift. Being in this band again means more to me than I can express. So I’m not even going to try. But please check out the below press release from our new record label, Equal Vision – and watch our video. Please share it on your social media platforms. Being out of the loop since the internet was invented, Gameface has some catching up to do in cyberville so please like us, tweet us, post us, forward us, pin us, ‘gram us, tumble us, fax us, whatever.




The recently reunited Gameface has signed to Equal Vision Records and will release a 7” featuring two new recordings – “Come On Down” and “The Only Chance We Get” – on November 5. The songs will also be available through digital retailers such as iTunes and AmazonMP3.

“Come On Down” is a brand new track, while the latter is a new recording of a previously released song fromGameface’s 1995 release, Three To Get Ready. The revamped version also now includes guest back-up vocals from Ingo Knollmann (Donots) and Mike McTernan (Damnation A.D.).

The reignited four-piece is currently working on their sixth full-length album, which is expected to be released in early 2014. A short video offering a personal look at Gameface’s recent decision to reunite and make their first new album together in over a decade, can be found on Youtube, and also features clips of “Come On Down”.
“We’re beyond excited about the new material and a new chapter in our history,” notes vocalist Jeff Caudill. “We’re so fortunate and grateful to Equal Vision for sharing our vision and giving us this rare opportunity for a new beginning.”

“Gameface has been one of the constants in my life since the mid 90s, through the good times and the bad. Their music was always full of inspiration and spoke to me in a way that few bands ever have,” shares Equal Vision Records’ general manager and A&R Daniel Sandshaw. “I was just a kid in 1995 when Three To Get Ready came out. I remember driving two hours to the closest record store that sold punk and hardcore records in order to get it. The album didn’t leave my CD player for months. Everything about that record spoke to me and connected with my life in a way that I had never experienced before. I can still remember the way my life felt back then when I listen to the record now. That connection to the music was one of the reasons I wanted to work in the music industry. I wanted to be able to share music with people and have it change their lives in the same way that record changed mine. I am honored Gamefacechose EVR to share their music with a new generation of kids.”

The Southern California-based outfit, now featuring Caudill along with Todd D. Trout (guitar), Guy Julian (bass) and Steve Sanderson (drums), originally formed in the summer of 1990 and has since released five full-length albums, each carrying the band’s dynamic, distinctive sound that has gone on to influence countless bands over the years.

Gameface’s debut LP, Good (1993), showcased unabashed pop punk at its purest, while Three to Get Ready’s (1995) offered redemptive lyrics and a nostalgic tone that drew fans into Gameface’s emotional triumph over tragedy following the untimely death of their drummer Bob Binckley in 1994. With Every Last Time (1999), and the addition of drummer Steve Sanderson, Gameface hit their songwriting and touring stride. During the recording of Always On (2000) rifts between members deepened and original bassist Paul Martin eventually left the band before the album was released. Guy Julian joined on bass for their final album, Four To Go (2003), before the band members decided to each go their own separate ways following its release. In 2012, the group reunited for a string of shows that eventually served as the catalyst to forge ahead towards something more permanent. It felt right again as Caudill penned their new single, “Come On Down”, sealing the deal to embark on this next phase of Gameface.

Pre-orders for Gameface’s new 7” will be launching in the coming weeks, along with additional information on the band’s upcoming full-length album.

Live fast. Live young.


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