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I just got back from riding my bike to our local Mexican restaurant/hole in the wall…..(Doc’s Diary)

I just got back from riding my bike to our local Mexican restaurant/hole in the wall. I pulled up to the restaurant, put my shirt and pants back on [I ride in the nude so what] and locked my bike up. Upon reaching for the front door with my well sculpted tan arm I see a “B” rating! [For those of you in other states or countries that don’t care about health we, in California, have a Health Food inspection rating system]. 

At first I thought to myself “Hmm…this isn’t good. Maybe I should go elsewhere”. But then I started thinking. This is EXACTLY where I want to eat! Why? Because now is the time this restaurant is going to “kick up their game” you know? Be really careful, clean and serve the best food they ever have. Besides that there was no line because others chickened out when they read the “B” rating [pussies. Where your sense of adventure?]. So I have this whole place to myself and great food.

And besides people, since when is a “B” bad? I mean I would have killed to get B’s in school. It’s still above average and only one grade from perfect. THIS is exactly what is wrong with our society. The need for perfection. When it comes right down to it, who really cares? Good enough is good enough. From now on I’m going to brush my teeth to the best of my ability, wipe my butt until I get bored and let the rain wash my car. Click here from more “below average “restaurant near YOU;

Carne asada
Carne asada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Dr. Strange Records Visitor’s Stories: By John Roa from Justice League Dr. Strange records PICS!!! (6-24-10)

I have a visitor from London staying with me and we went into the 909 area for record shopping and then to John Joseph’s book deal. Here are the pics for those of you who declare that without pics “it did not happen.”

A car near Dr. Strange Records calling for all foreigners to get out of California….one has to love suburbia.

Me and the owner of Dr. Strange, Bill. He is a heck of a nice guy and I have known him since I was 16 or so. 7136 Amethyst Ave, Alta Loma, CA 91701, USA;

Phone: (909) 944-1778

Ben Edge and my visiting friend Bod from England looking at seven inches for four hours!

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Interview With Doc Strange by Jasen T. Davis (March 2012)

Stolen From Jasen T. Davis’ Blog
I have a nightmare that in the future we will all only be able to buy music either online or at the mall. Deafened by stereo speakers blaring obnoxious pop, blinded by multiple screens replicating soulless videos, you will search hopelessly for real music from a collection dwindling with the passage of time like the English language in Orwell’s 1984. Why? Because enterprises like Dr. Strange Records won’t exist.

The building that is the physical representation of Dr. Strange Records was the first post office in Rancho Cucamonga 100 years ago. Located in the city’s old town, it’s a music store, punk museum, social center, clothing and accessory shop, and the very epitome of that corporate outlets like Virgin are not: a locale of wood, dust, grit, soul and history.

When you walk into the place you enter a store of wooden floors and plaster walls replete with posters and paraphernalia from punk bands both old and new. Rummaging through several used sections will reward you with solid gold: You can find crazy, obscure albums likeWakey Wakey by The Toy Dolls, Television’s Marquee Moon, and Coulda…Shoulda…Woulda by Black Market Baby.

William “Bill” Plaster is Dr. Strange, the man who runs the business that put the city of Rancho Cucamonga on the punk rock map. His office is a cold room where he runs his company, answering emails and shipping music all across the world.

I had to step over cartons of merchandise while Bill took a seat next to a computer that was probably manufactured in the mid-90’s to find a place to perform the interview. Between the posters, the cd’s, the shirts and other punk paraphenalia, it was difficult to tell which was merchandise and which was his.

“The online store keeps me busy,” he says. “It took three to four tries to get the website up. I used to do mail order with a typewriter. I’d retype it every month. Right now I’m sending a big package to a Russian embassy in Belgium. I send stuff to Tahiti, Croatia, Greece…any developed country, all over the world.”

The man who would be Dr. Strange got into new wave in the 80’s, as it bled into punk. “By my sophomore high school year I was listening to The Cars, Blondies, Devo, Oingo Boingo, then other bands like Black Flag, Stiff Little Fingers and The Circle Jerks.”

In 1988, Plaster was working his last “real” job as a waiter, going to Mt. San Antonio College and putting together a record label. “I didn’t do it for the money…I just wanted to pay rent, but I realized I had to put out a punk record before I died. I worked seven days a week, 12-16 hour days. I still wear a million hats. I’m the order guy, the label guy, the retail guy…”

1993 saw the rise of a dozen Inland Empire punk bands under the label of Dr. Strange Records. Groups such as Letseatlots, Guttermouth, Face to Face, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Golfball Liberation Front, and Mindless Thoughts were pushing the scene in a city that had never had one, playing at local venues like Spanky’s, Munchies and The Showcase Theatre. “Between 1991 and 1996, anything would sell. I fathered a lot of bands, mostly from around Rancho Cucamonga.”

Now, ten years later, Plaster has a history behind him and a future of doing what he loves ahead of him. His recent releases stand like menhirs in a punk rock Stonehenge:Coulda…Shoulda…Woulda by Black Market Baby, Killer on Craig’s List by The Texas Thieves, and The Golden Age of Piracy by The Skulls, to mention a few.

I tell Plaster about my nightmare, and how I feel the small chains are being ground under by the big ones. But even those big chains are being destroyed by the Internet in the form of Internet piracy. Virgin Megastores are going down in flames, so the smaller operations, owned by normal people who understand the art like Mr. Plaster, aren’t going to be able to take it for long.

“You’re 100% right. It’s cd burning that’s killing me.” The man known as Dr. Strange admits that it does hurt him. “Before it got big, I’d sell 10,000 copies of an album. Now, I can only sell 1,000.”

His record store is one of the many hardcore punk landmarks you can find throughout southern California. The business is more than just a place to find all things obscure (or place an order for what you want if Dr. Strange doesn’t have it), it’s also an inspiration to the future punk musicians living in the suburbs around the store that still believe in the old skool.

Because of that, Plaster is still proud to have the job he has.“I have been allowed to do what I truly love to do. I’m one of the few people who get up to go to work thinking, ‘I get to go to work!’”

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“Strange Tales From The Doc” #5 Yes, let’s put an end to the rumors and guessing. D.I. stands for Disruptive Influence. Trust your Doc…

“See why D.I. was one of my favorite bands to see “back in the day” (yeah, “back in the day”?) Who came up with that? Same douche that coined “Old School”? Read on!”
DI (aka Distruptive Influence) at The Fenders 1986

Yes, let’s put an end to the rumors and guessing. D.I. stands for Disruptive Influence. Trust your Doc…

Casey Royer pic by Doc Strange
Now although I took this picture The Fenders in Long Beach my story is actually from when D.I. played the Olympic. It was right when their debut 12”ep “s/t” (aka Richard Hung Himself) came out. I was standing off to the left of the MASSAVE pit (The Olympic would have thousands of people back then on a regular basis) D.I. had played a couple songs and Casey brought out a box of their brand new 12”. He tossed a few out to the rabid crowd down front [who doesn’t want a free record right?]. He then hucked one like a frisbee off to the right and it soon turned into a record boomarang and started making it’s way towards me! I’ve always been tall (and very handsome) so I jumped with all my might and the next thing you 
 know, I have the new D.I. 12” in my hands!

D.I. (EP)
D.I. (EP) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve seen DI many times all over Southern California. Always a GREAT band to see live for sure and this was no exception. Casey Royer with Rik Agnew playing like a possessed demon! A winning combination. When D.I. was on their game they were one of the best bands to see. Great band then and now!

*Want more info on this story? e-mail me directly or if you want music, shirts, buttons etc… from this band or others, visit the world’s largest PUNK ROCK site

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