“Strange Tales From the Doc” #24 Here’s another “Growing up Strange” story for you friends….

“Strange Tales From the Doc” #24
Here’s another “Growing up Strange” story for you friends.


This one is all about the “Great Shaving Era”. As I’ve said before one of our rules (the only rule) was, “If you pass out you WILL get your eyebrows shaved and you are not allowed to get mad about it”. For the most part that held true. Until things started to get out of hand. Eyebrows were one thing but then that escalated into shaving pubes, giving fucked up haircuts, dying hair, marking on people etc… One of the best (worst?) was my buddy (he’s like a brother to me) Gary. I’ve known Gary since 3rd grade. Out of our entire group of friends Gary was probably the smartest of us all. His one downfall? He liked to drink and that always got him in trouble. Gary, Beaman and myself all lived together in a studio apartment in Upland in the early 80’s. And of course it became the “hang-out” of all our friends. People drinking, passing out etc was the norm. One night in particular I had been out all night at a gig. Thus giving me the perfect alibi of, “I wasn’t even there, how could I have done that?” But of course I always did…

I got home late to find Beaman asleep on the couch and Gary passed out in bed. I woke up Beaman and convinced him to shave Gary’s eyebrows. And then his arm hair. And then cut his hair. And then glue on his cut hair to his missing eyebrows. And then, here it comes, his pubes! Of course I was taking pictures the whole time while Beaman asked , “You’re not getting me in the pictures are you?”. I said, “No, no, don’t worry I’m not”. (yeah, I was…..). The night ending up with pictures of Gary getting shaved from head to toe and “revealing” pictures of Beaman “Tea-Bagging” him [and more disturbing images I still can’t get out of my head].

The next day I ran over to the 1 hour Photomart (you should have seen the owners face when I picked them up!) and mailed these pictures to Gary with a ransom note I cut out from the pages of a magazine. Something like “If you don’t leave $100.00 by the tree in front of your apartment we will send these to your Mom”. AWESOME! He wasn’t happy about it and I felt bad about it. I mean I felt bad I wasn’t there to stop Beaman from doing this to him. What a dick! Pictured here are some shots of our studio apartment, shaving Gary and more nonsense….

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