“Strange Tales From The Doc” #6 Read about The Doc’s FIRST Punk Rock gig with The Dickies

Read about The Doc’s FIRST Punk Rock gig….

Doc’s first gig…
It was The Dickies with maybe the Pandoras? Not sure on that one… I was 17 years old and had just gotten my driver’s license. The gig was at the world famous Whiskey in Hollywood. My oldest friend at the time; Glen and I were listening to bands like Devo, Blondie, Oingo Boingo and the like but The Dickies had always been one our favorites. I was excited and nervous to go to a real “punk rock” gig. I remember being a little scared about going. Were we going to get asses kicked? Would we “fit it”? I borrowed Glen’s trench coat and decided to take the chance. Remember guys back in the “old days” going to a Punk Rock gig could be a little “risky”. If you were found or thought to be a “Posseur” or were a hippy you were NOT treated kindly. You’d get beaten up or get your head shaved!

We took my car; The Red Scare [which I still have and use today] on the 40 miles trip from our city of Upland to Hollywood. I remember driving up to The Whiskey and seeing a line formed with people sporting mohawks, leather jackets and hard stares. The first thing I recall upon entering The Whiskey was a cocktail waitress walking up to us and asking “would you like a drink”? Glen was mormon and I didn’t like to drink alone!

Back then The Whiskey had a set of bleachers (like at a high school football game) off to the left of the stage. They also had an upstairs. Glen and I had heard about punks with barbed-wire wrapped around their boots to slice you while slammin’ and others that would sneak up to you and burn you with their cigarette (aka a “Germs Burn”). Neither of those sounded like fun to us so we made a beeline upstairs where we could overlook the entire stage. When The Dickies took the stage the air was electric. This is the original line-up. Leonard played his keyboards [hasn’t done that in years] and brought out all the props. They were fucking great! Blew my mind 100% We survive our first gig and were both hooked. The next month, once again at the Whiskey, was Social Distortion and Bad Religion. Another great gig [until Greg Graffin hit someone with the mic-stand just for getting on stage]. What a douche!

Oh, this picture was actually taken at Fenders in Long Beach a couple years later by the way….

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