Is Dr. Strange Records REALLY haunted?

Is Dr. Strange Records REALLY haunted? Recently a paranormal investigation group called PARA (Paranormal Activity Research Associates) came into Dr. Strange Records around 10pm to see if there is any ghosts haunting the record shop. It is said that a woman hanged herself inside the store when it used to be a general store back in the 1930’s. Dr. Strange Records is located inside the Henry Alpert Building, which was built in 1909 and is on the City of Rancho Cucamonga’s list of historic places. In some of these pictures you can kind of make out a ghostly face or body hanging from the rafters. The “ghost hunters” tried to get audio from “white noise” by asking question to see if any ghost would respond. There does seem to be a few replies from something, but the audio can be hard to make-out, here’s a list of what the researchers think the ghost is saying in the white-noise, listen close, and see if you hear anything out of the ordinary….

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Clip 1: Question- How long have you been here?
Reply- Noise, nothing?

Clip 2: DSR Backroom, voices talking?

Clip 3: Reply “This is not a record store”

Clip 4: In the basement- Female moan

Clip 5: Question: Can you light this all the way to the red?
Reply: “I am” (or noise)

Clip 6: Basement- Interference

Clip 7: Basement: Voice mumble

Clip 8: Voice or a noise

Clip 9: “Yeah I mind”

Clip 10: “Yes” or a noise

Clip 11: Female voice “Yes Sir”
What do YOU think? There does seem to be some things being said but it’s very faint. Maybe someone who is good at audio can take these and filter them out more to try and make the voices more clear.

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