“Strange Tales From The Doc” #2 Dr. Strange and Friends…

Dr. Strange and Friends
Here’s a couple shots of me with my buddy “Ting” (I’m in the yellow sleeved leather jacket). The other was taken with my buddy “Beaman” (I’m in the trenchcoat). Both were taken while I lived with long time friend (since 3rd grade) Gay-Ray and Beeman in our studio apartment. It was cheap but crowded! 

Every weekend was a party [whether is was wanted or not] and someone would get their eyebrows shaved off for passing out. (or ever worse). I have a whole photo album full of what we would do if you passed out. Shaved eyebrows, pubes, body hair, dye your hair etc… It got WAY out of control! They never got me by the way. Stay tunes for next Monday’s story. Up next? The Bad Brains!
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