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Knock Out
Comp with: Red Alert, Leatherface, Charge 69, Braindance, and more great bands doing a tribute to Angelic Upstarts, sealed, German import) n69793 C We Can Do Whatever We Want! 29.00 T 0 0 LP US 1985 BC Records and Tapes v/a (Ultra-Rare! Original on BC Records & Tapes from '85 w/Wretched, I Refuse It!, Detention, Peggio Punx, Raw Power, Rattus, and the list goes on...Great shape, orig WITH label insert!) n4469 C We Do 'em Our Way (Sex Pistols) 10.00 T 0 1 LP UK 1980 Music For Pleasure V/A (with: Devo, The Dickies, UK Subs, Sex Pistols, the Slits, Flying Lizards, Stranglers, and more. 1980 original pressing) n44220 C We Don't Need Nuclear Force+7 36.00 T -1 1 LP GR 1986 Mulleimer v/a (Fuckin' Rare! w/Rattus, Varukers, Uproar, Maniacs, Bristles, Toxic Reasons and more, German orig from '86, with the insert and the bonus 7!)
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