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Punk Rock Music and Punk Rock Clothing

Creepers Shoes
It was his muse, the actress Audrey Hepburn, with her gamine style, who is probably most closely associated with the period. But it wasn't just the Hepburn look that followers of fashion longed for. 

Daft Punk Music
Perhaps you really cannot have too much of a good thing. For its remix disc, "Daft Club," French duo Daft Punk (Thomas Bangalter and GuyManuel De [Homem Christo) showcases the work of others-specifically

Hardcore Punk Rock Music
Hardcore punk has inherited a rep for promoting violence that once belonged almost exclusively to rap. The four members of Boston's Tree know this all too well.

New Wave Music
Revivalism is a trend in itself. Music, fashion and activities popular in previous decades have all been revived at one time or another. In the case of New Wave, the term was first popularised in the 1960s French cinema.

Punk Clothes
The 57-year-old iconoclastic former punk, who appears to teeter permanently in her outlandish platform soles and punk clothes has a great deal in common with Dame Muriel Spark's most famous fictional creation aphoristic Edinburgh schoolmistress.

Punk Rock Clothing
Punk, born of marginalized misfits in New York City, has spread to the mainstream and beyond. The music has seeped into most corners of teenage life in America, in cities, suburbs and small towns.

Hardcore Punk Music
Mike Roth, known to friends as "Q," is as much a hard-nosed businessman as he is a punk. That may sound like a contradiction to anyone familiar with the fast, loud and angry lyrics of punk music political and economic institutions.

Punk Rock Music
With the growing popularity of punk rock music, in all its incarnations, it is only logical that the mainstreaming of its fashion would also come into being. Punk rock's do-it-yourself style has been embraced, although some argue co-opted, by advertising organizations and department stores alike.

Punk Rock T-Shirt
The first punk rock T-shirt I ever owned was a political statement. It carried a Robert Crumb cartoon, and demonstrated the wearer's support for the Oz Three in the big counter-Establishment trial taking place in the High Courts in summer 1971.

Punk Stuff
the latest generation of American teens to use a shopping mall as much more than a place to buy shoes. The mall is a place to be part of a crowd of other teens. It is a place to check out what is trendy.

Punk Rock T-Shirt
Every season, the Gods of Fashion dictate what we should be wearing for the next few months. But this year's choices seem to be more outlandish than usual, with a range of looks we thought - and hoped - we'd left far behind.

Rare Punk
The Mekons - It's a rare punk band that can stay together for 25 years. Heck, it's a rare punk band that can stay together 25 weeks. The prolific Mekons, birthed in the cacophony of England's punk heyday...

Rare Punk Music
The question is posed by The Skulls, who will release their second album today at Dr. Strange Records, a punk rock record store as out of place in Alta Loma as Best Buy might be hawking CDs on Haight Street.

Rare Vinyl Music
We are not a "company" or "corporation" making money off rare vinyl music. I've been into punk since 1980 and it is truly a way of life for me. It is who I am, rare vinyl music, and what I will be until I die.

Ska Punk Music
Twenty years ago Coventry was the epicentre of British music. No, really. British ska music - a rough, ready and thoroughly modern version of the Jamaican original - dominated the country's charts and dance floors, providing the first real music trend after the demise of punk.

Ska Punk Music
Mustard Plug's fourth album, "Yellow #5," finds the six-piece Michigan ska punk band sticking to their fun-loving ska goodness, but toning down parts of their sound with mixed results. "Yellow #5" offers a few memorable treats, but ultimately lacks the lasting effect and consistency of previous Mustard Plug albums.

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