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 How to exchange links with Doctor Strange:

Please add our link to your website before requesting a link exchange. After we verify that you have added one of our links or banners to your website we will add your link to our "Directory of Links".

Our reciprocal link requirements are, but not limited to, the following:

1. Your link page be accessible from your home page.
2. Your page is not hosted on a free web provider such as geocities.com.
3. Our link is not placed at the bottom or middle of a very long list of links.
4. Your web site is associated with music, punk, ska, new wave or other related.
5. Your site listed on Google with a PageRank of 4 or better.

To exchange a link with us, send us an email to *links@webfx.com with the subject "Dr Strange Link Exchange". In the email, mention the following:

1. URL of OUR LINK on your website.
2. Title for your link.
3. URL to your link.
4. Description of your link.
5. Choose a Category, from our website, for your link.

Use the following reciprocal text link on your website:

Title: Dr Strange - Rare Punk Rock Music and Clothes
Description:  Offering a large selection of punk rock music including punk clothes and creeper shoes
URL: http://www.drstrange.com


NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any link submitted, for any reason and without notice. Sites that contain or link to sexual, racial, sexist, violent, abusive, or illegal content will not be listed.

Dr. Strange does not endorse the claims made by listed businesses and organizations. The information provided should be verified by the user.

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